the bodega on burns court


A Bodega, as you may know as your quick in-and-out convenient market for all things wine, flowers, grocery-needs and more. Usually nestled on the corner of your block just steps from where you live, we often find ourselves relying on a bodega for good reason.. 

We wanted to offer what we love most about those convenient markets and add our touch of flare with an elevated punch, right here in Burns Court, Sarasota.

 At The Bodega on Burns Court, we are here to spark community.  Let's get to know each other! 


Come in and join us:

Dinner Gatherings | Wine Tastings | Musical Nights | Open Study Discussions


Curated Tabletop Essentials | Select wine | Natural Home Products  

Bodega florals 

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Sarasota, Florida
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We can't wait to meet you!