Founded in 2020, Local Citizen is inspired by the traditions of gathering together, whether it be at the table, or a picnic at your go-to spot. For us, it's with our closest friends at the beach, sharing a bottle of wine, good music, twinkle lights, and favorite local eats. We believe in what it is that brings people together, and that longing to share community. Located on the westcoast of Florida, we are designing and curating essentials that are made for a purpose. It is our hope that through all of your feasts and gatherings, you can embrace new cultures, fearlessly love, taste something new, have meaningful discussions, laugh contagiously, wipe the tears away, become dear friends and join as family. Cheers! Let's get back to focusing on what matters most. 

Follow along as we share our very own mini drops throughout this journey to represent the lifestyle and identity of Local Citizen. It's important to us that we express who we are through the essentials that carry us from where we've been, where we are going, and who we surround ourselves with. 

Highway Collection: Coming soon....